Future International Academy

Grade 4 Math Class Outdoor Activity

Last 5th of December, 2018, the  Grade 4 Math Class conducting the outdoor activity about discovering angles in the school area.
To achieved the goal of the activity the class was divided into 4 teams as follow.

  • Acute Angle Team
  • Right Angle Team
  • Obtuse Angle Team
  • Straight Angle Team

Every team was given a task to find angles as the team name and they take photos.
Then the teams switched roles so the Right Angle team tested the angles found by the Acute Angle team pictures, and the Obtuse Angle team tested the Right Angle team pictures (and so on) using the protractor app to check if they chose correct angles or not by measuring those angles
The winner team was the team who could found more correct angles related to their task. The winning team awas goes to Acute Angle Team, they took 98 pictures of acute angles.

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