Future International Academy

French Spelling Bee Competition (Concours d’Orthographe)


It gives us pleasure to announce the winners from Grades 4-8 students who had participated in the French Spelling Bee Competition organized by FIA French Department, on 21-25 April 2019. 

We appreciate the effort of the French Department – Mr. Moez, Ms. Laila and Ms. Seba for organizing and preparing a large number of eager contestants to take part in the competition so as to reinforce the proper pronunciation and spelling of the French vocabulary they have acquired during the first semester. Congratulations to the following winners.

  • Tarek Mohamad Alfar (Gr. 4 A)      
  • Judi Maemoun (Gr. 5G2)    
  •  Imtias Oddin (Gr. 6B2) 
  • Mohamed Ali FArhan  (Gr. 7 B)     
  • Khalid Saeed Alneyadi (Gr. 8 B)

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