Future International Academy

Action Plan

Context and Key Priorities:

The department realizes that there are some gaps that need to be fixed and as a result a set of priorities are identified:

  • Improve students’ phonological Awareness  and decoding skills by implementing intensive hands-on activities both inside the classroom and the resource room.
  • Develop the teachers’ capacity and skills to work with SOD students professionally.
  • Engage the school staff by conducting continuous CPDs and Workshops that help in identifying and developing an awareness regarding SOD categories and intervention techniques.
  • Ensure that our Plans and IEPs reflect ADEK’s standards and recommendations.
  • Ensure that the SOD students are learning and developing prerequisite skills in an active, collaborative, and inclusive context, that cater to all their needs.

Key drivers for our plan:
The SEN Department identified the following key drivers for planning:

  • ADEK’s Rules and Regulations Regarding SOD and GAT:

All SEN students have the right of an inclusive education in the least restrictive environment no matter what the difficulties are ( academic, physical/medical, social, behavioral,etc…)

  • Well-Developed Plans ( IEPs, ILPs, ALPs):

All action plans should be designed to cater to the specific needs of each student. The goals/objectives should be SMART and the plan itself should be revised and modified at the end of every school term.

  • SEN Program and Learning skills (21st skills):

The SEN department ensures 21st century skills are reflected in the plans (IEP)and being developed and implemented through one-on-one instruction during pull-out sessions as well as in grade-level lesson plans.

  • Arabic Language and SOD:

The SEN department will ensure that their plans will include and cater to Arabic Language skills, and this is ensured by identifying weakness, planning to remediate prerequisite skills, addressing weaknesses, assessing performance, and re-planning to cater to pending objectives.

  • SOD and use of technology to support learning:

The SEN department will ensure technology is used to support students’ learning where appropriate, especially in remediating and developing phonics and spelling skills.

Planning Phases: 
We ensure our that plans address the short term objectives that pave the way to long term attainment of skills through monitoring the teaching and learning process( both inside the classroom and resource room), and the students’ outcomes ( attainment and progress). This is based on three key indicators:

  • Enhancing resources
  • Providing continuous CPDs to ensure that intervention techniques are systematic
  • Ensuring that assessment is modified to cater to each specific need

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