Future International Academy

Programs Offer

  1. Informing, educating and instructing the students and parents regarding the list .
  2. Plan the preventive and curative programs to reduce negative behavior and encourage positive and distinctive behavior .
  3. Studying the social situation of the student with repeated violations and documenting them in writing and presenting the case study committee to the student behavior committee after obtaining the student’s written approval.
  4. Studying and following the behavioral cases .
  5. Follow up the individual cases of the request and undertake the necessary procedures for communication and cooperation with teachers and parents
  6. To strengthen the links between home and school and to educate parents about the importance of their role in
  7. Parents should check their children’s behavioral and educational problems.
  8. It is recommended to refer cases that suffer from behavioral problems that difficult to treat to the competent authorities approved by the Ministry.
  9. Follow up the implementation of all the recommendations report from the specialist that holding the cases.

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