Future International Academy

School Bus Policy

Contact Person

Mr. Mousa Alzoubi

Transportation Officer

Contact No.:  055 9322 991

To ensure no problems occur on bus, the School has applied the following:

  • Set cameras on buses.
  • All drivers and Assistances are approved by ADEK and have undergone the required training.
  • Assistants have signed a consent of ensuring students’ safety on bus.
  • On all buses, girls will sit in the front, little children (grades 1-4) in the middle, and boys (5-12) in the back. The assistant will be sitting in the middle. Please cooperate with us by not asking the assistant to allow your children to sit together.
  • Bus problems should be reported to Ms. Connie ( Transportation Officer) and will be resolved by the Social Worker.
  • Students causing problems on bus will be permanently deprived from using the School bus service.
  • Students are not allowed to eat on the bus, however they are allowed to drink water. If a student abuses the use of water; the assistance has the right to stop that.
  • Assistances are to help students on and off the bus and with their bags. They will also make sure that you have received your child safely. However, they cannot risk the safety of other children on the bus or cause a delay by taking them up to the first floor. It is the parents’ duty to receive the child in front of the building.
  • An adult should be available at the time the child is dropped off. If no adult is there, the bus will wait for 2 more minutes and then will return to School with the child for the parents to collect.
  • No parent is to stop the bus to collect their child half way through the bus route. Doing so will cause the child from not using the bus service at all.
  • Parents should have the assistances number for emergency cases, however, it should not be used to request personal things such as stopping the bus on the way or waiting for some time in the morning due to parents being late.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.: +971 3 764 6888