Future International Academy

Bus Safety Rules

  1. Wait for the bus in a safe place away from the road and don’t play around while waiting for the bus
  2. Wait for the bus ahead of schedule
  3. Boarding regularly to the bus without crowding
  4. Give priority to girls to sit in the front seats
  5. Keep calm, and do not stand or move while the bus is moving. Never put your hands, head or feet outside the window of the bus.
  6. Students are not to damage the seats, or security and safety inside the school bus
  7. The student must maintain cleanliness of the bus. Throwing paper or any other object on the floor of the bus or outside the windows is totally forbidden.
  8. Wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before getting off and leave it calmly and regularly
  9. Wait until the bus leaves the stop point and it is safe to cross the street
  10. Respect the driver and bus supervisor and follow their instructions
Contact Person
Mr. Mousa Alzoubi Transportation Officer Email: Contact No.:  055 9322 991

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.: +971 3 764 6888