Future International Academy

School Facilities

We have a two multi-purpose buildings.

  • Main Building where the Main Admin office, KG Section, and Middle and High School ( Boys and Boys Section) located.
  • Primary Section building where the Grades 1 to 5 located.

Following are our major school facilities that create a favorable environment for the students’ growth.

  • 2 Libraries
  • Spacious classrooms with good ventilation
  • Canteens in each section
  • Certified School clinic
  • A spacious green field
  • 2 Gyms (one in each building)
  • Spacious play areas
  • 2 Science Laboratories
  • 4 ICT Laboratories
  • Art Rooms

Explore our school facilities with a safe and child-friendly environment

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.: +971 3 764 6888