Future International Academy

Admission Policy

New Students
Upon admission the new students will undergo with the following policies.
1. New students will undergo an orientation with other retaining students during the first week of school.
2. Others joining the school at later dates will be orientated by the student affairs officer and the section supervisors.
3. New students should be fully aware of school policies.
4. New students will sit for a diagnostic test to make sure the school knows their level and can be able to help them with any areas of concern.

Students will be given their books, uniforms, and guidance/school rules before school starts.

Leaving Students
 Any student leaving the school should undertake the following procedure:
1. Filling out a student transfer form, indicating the reasons for leaving the school.
2. Completing the remaining fees and closing any pending accounts.
3. Should provide a No Objection Letter from the new school.
4. The school will withdraw the student system and transfer it to the new school via e-SIS if in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi provision.
5. If out of Abu Dhabi provision, or out of the country, request a transfer certificate.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.: +971 3 764 6888