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Admission and Re-Registration SIBLINGS ONLY

Dear FIA Parents,

Greeting from FIA

On behalf of all FIA family, we would like to thank you all for your never-ending support in making this School a better place for our children. FIA is pleased to give its parents the privilege in taking the opportunity to register their siblings for KG1 and to re-register for all other Grades for the Academic Year 2019/2020.

Kindly Note that the registration is opened for your new KG1 children and re-registration for all other Grades till Sunday, February 14, 2019. The admission will be open for the public after this date. Registration will open from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm every day from Sunday to Thursday.

This year, we have very limited places. Thus, the School will not be responsible for any parent who is late in registering/re-registering and will not find a place.

Parents are not allowed to choose teachers or classes, and any promises made by any staff member including the teachers, accounting or registration is not the School’s responsibility and the School will not be held accountable for that. Classes will be filled in a first come first serve basis. If the available seats are fully occupied, and you did not get a place, your child will be on the Waiting List which is also on a first come first serve basis.

No registration will be considered or approved if the registration payment has not been paid (Please read below). Papers and signatures of renewal or registration alone is not a secure complete registration and if payments have not been paid, the seat will be given to another child.

Terms and Conditions for Acceptance

  • The child should be 4 years old by 31 December 2019 (last birthdate of eligibility is the 31 December 2015) for KG1 and 5 years old for KG2. No exemptions will be considered and the School will totally abide to ADEK’s Regulations with this regards.
  • Parents should follow the proper lines of admission; no parent will be given privilege over the other in any case and/or through any third party.
  • Admission procedure will be as follows:
    • Parent visits the School and takes a number from the Reception in the main building to the Accounting Office in case of KG2 & Grades re-registration. However, for KG1, parents should have an appointment from the Registration Office. Kindly call Registration Office to secure your appointment date. Only who has complete documents and appointment will be prioritize, the Parent will get a number to the Registration Office. Documents with missing information or papers will not be processed.
    • When it is your turn and your number is called out, you may proceed to the registration office.
      • Student will sit for an entrance exam, and have an interview.
      • Medical form should be filled out. If the child has any health, medical or SEN problems, the parents should declare this from the start. The School needs to know to help your child. Not informing the School allows the School to take action according to the case afterwards.
      • Parents need to provide the School with the proper phone numbers and email addresses.
      • If you need your child to use the bus, you need to declare this to the Registration Office.
      • No child will be accepted without providing an original National ID Card.
  • The Registration Officers will get back to you within 48 hours regarding the acceptance of your child.
  • Once accepted, you need to take a number from the Reception for the Accounting Office to pay your Registration Payments. Only after this payment is paid, your child is considered officially registered and his/her seat is officially reserved.
  • Families with outstanding due payments, will NOT be able to register their children until all payments are settled. No registration fee will be taken and the School WILL NOT reserve a seat for the child by any means.
  • To be fully registered with ADEK on eSIS system, the School will be sending you an Email or SMS to come and provide the Registration Office with your Original National IDs once the ADEK System is open.
  • Families with pending/outstanding payments might be blocked of registering new children in School.

Important notes:

  • All parents should have the School Portal activated by providing their phone numbers and emails (Mother’s and Father’s). The School will be sending you the timings and dates of receiving books and uniforms, the start of the School day of the next academic year 2019-2020, and all the information you need via the School Portal, which you can access on your computers or download the app on your mobile.
  • The parent should pay the registration fees for ALL his children and not only one; the registered children will be only the ones paid for and not all.
  • Discounts are fair to all and fixed according the School’s Discount Policy. No negotiation is accepted at all.
  • The parent must pay all pending payments before paying the registration fees for the next academic year. The School is NOT responsible for any child losing his/her seat due to pending payments.
  • The School has the right to block and not re-register any student with extreme behavior problems.

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