Future International Academy

Policies and Regulations

SEN services are being offered for students with special learning needs. These services depend on a set of criteria or standards to ensure an effective outcome, and these are:

  • The presence of a private resource room where the SEN team can work with the student on one-to-one basis.
  • A set of resources and material are available; such as a computer, a white board, visual aids, a specialized reading program( both English and Arabic). In addition to that flash cards, worksheets, and multisensory manipulatives that are prepared by the SEN team are available to cater to the students diverse learning needs.
  • Classroom support is provided for students, if need be; especially in written tasks and quizzes.
  • Each student should have a private educational portfolio that includes:
  • Referral Checklist or Report filled out by the teacher
  • Parent’s consent
  • SEN and GAT checklist
  • Informal, cirriculum-based assessment report.
  • Formal Assessment
  • An IEP ( Individuaized Educational Plan/ Program).
  • On-going evaluations such as checklist, progress report, SST report, Parent Meeting Form,Parent Consent form,etc..
  • A rotational pull-out schedule for each student.
  • ALP (GAT)

A specific number of cases should be acknowledged at the beginning of the academic year( maximum till end of Term 1).

  • Every case should be observed, assessed, and an action plan should be set for each student.
  • SEN team should cater to the students’ social and emotional needs by  the aid of the social worker; thus, creating a supportive atmosphere inside and outside the class with the help of the classroom teacher.
  • Positive reinforcers and direct corrective feedback should always be present in class and in one-to-one pull-out sessions.
  • Intervention methods are and should always be flexible to cater for the special needs of these students.

If GAT students are allocated and identified, the SEN team develops an ALP to cater to the students’ additional needs with the support and cooperation of the classroom teacher.
–  The SEN team caters to students with the following special education needs:
1- Intellectual Disability
2- Specific Learning Disability
3- Emotional / Behavioral Disorder
4- Autism Spectrum Disorder
5- Speech and Language Disorder
6- Physical/Health-related Disability
7- Visually Impaired
8- Hearing Impaired
9- Multiple Disabilities
10- Gifted and Talented
–  Any student that doesn’t have any condition or need related to the categories mentioned  above, will not be enrolled in the SEN program.
–  Weak students that are not eligible to SEN services are supported according to an ILP for english language, arabic language, and Mathematics.

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