Future International Academy

People of Determination

Special Education Needs (SEN)
Supported with UAE Federal Law No. 29 of 2006, FIA aims to protect the rights of individuals with a disability. FIA has established its SEN department giving the opportunity to people of determination to be involved and integrated in its community.
SEN department helps individuals with special needs to receive proper education by developing the required academic intervention including the required support for each case. Also, SEN department cooperates with the teaching staff to meet the students’ needs, identify their learning difficulties, and ensure their accessibility to consultation and support.

Goals of SEN department:

  • SEN department aims to increase the students’ participation in cultures and curricula.
  • SEN department aims to meet the students’ needs by restructuring the policies and applied practices.
  • It aims to help the students overcome barriers to learning and ensure their effective participation.
  • It aims to emphasize FIA social responsibility in building the UAE community and developing its values.
  • It aims to build a mutual relationship between the school and the UAE community.
  • SEN department emphasizes that inclusion in education as a part of inclusion in society.

SEN department follows certain procedures to identify and support students with learning difficulties. These procedures listed below:

Revised AY2020-2021

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