Future International Academy

Career Guidance Report 2018-2019

Here are the events I conducted since I got the position of a career counselor. I got the position by the end of October 2018. However, I conducted many events inside and outside the school to give our students in grades 9-12 a complete image about their future careers and the credit hours they have to cover to graduate from an American Curriculum School.
The Curriculum Phase
1. I had a meeting with grade 9 twice to explain the new 4-year plan of the curriculum: what is a credit hour, and how many hours do students have to do each year to meet the requirements of ADEK and the equivalence of their certificates?
2. I also discussed the elective subjects students have to choose from in all grades and the reason we added science subjects to be eligible for certain nationalities. For instance, to be eligible for an Egyptian University, you need to study 4 science credit hours and so is the case when a student wants to join a Jordanian University.
3. I also informed students about studying history next year for grades 10-12.
4. I discussed with grade 11 the elective subjects they need to choose from next year including psychology and economy.
5. On the 13th October, FIA invited a Private Institute to conduct an SAT Mock Test for G10 and 11 students. Two weeks later, we got the results and some students joined the institute to get SAT practice and prepare for their SAT Exams.
6. I also track the students’ international exams (IELTS and SAT) for grades 11-12. I have a list of those who already did the Exam and got the certificates, and others who already booked but didn’t do it yet, and I got copies of their SAT and IELTS certificates. The list and the certificates are available upon request.
7. I follow G12 students’ EMSAT registration to sit for the exams and all of them booked dates for all subjects that NAPO opened so far.
8. Meetings will be held regularly to discuss the requirements of the universities they would like to join.
9. Meetings with Grades 9-10 will be held monthly to discuss their academic performance and the career they would fit in based on their results in the exams.

The Career Phase:
A survey was conducted by Grade 9 – Grade 12 students to get to know their skills, subjects they like and the future career they would like to do (lists are available). Based on the survey results, I categorized the students in each grade according to their future careers. Our main focus was on Grade 11 and Grade12. A lot of activities were conducted on-camp, outside the school, and personal meetings with the career counselor.
Outside school visits:
1. The Emirati students attended a workshop on how to register for scholarships inside and outside the UAE in Al Jahili School on 20th October 2018.
2. Grade 12 students went for a trip to Al Najah Career Fair in Abu Dhabi on the 31st of October 2018.
3. Grade 12 students went for a trip to Al Ain Juniors to attend a career fair on 5th of November 2018
4. Selected four Grade 12 Emirate students went for a trip to Emirates National School to attend a workshop about scholarships registration for the Emiratis on the 14th of November 2018
On-camp Visits:
1. A visit from West Alabama University to the school took place on the 6th of November 2018. They met with G12 students, the staff and the parents. They showed the programs, the fees and the majors of the university. The school signed an agreement with the university to be their representative in the UAE.
2. The huge event that we conducted in our school was FIA University Open Day, we invited 15 universities to show their programs to our G11and 12 students. We also invited other schools to attend the fair. The event took place on the 19th November, 2018.
Coming Events:
1. Weekly meetings will be conducted with G12 students to discuss the requirements, fees, majors, and credibility of the universities they would like to join.
2. Meetings will be held once every two weeks with G11 for the above reason.
3. A career day will be conducted in February 2019.
4. Community Service (work Placement) will be conducted in April 2019. Students will spend a week in a designated government institute to experience a real working place which will help them in their careers; for instance, those who would like to be doctors will join Al Ain Hospital for 5 working days. A supervisor will accompany the students and certificate along with reports will be submitted to the school at the end of the working days. This will happen in April 2019.
5. Sessions will be conducted to help students write strong C.V and official emails.
6. We are working on writing recommendation letters for G12 students to be sent to the universities they would like to join.

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