Future International Academy


Future International Academy is committed to making the admissions process as friendly as possible and welcomes students at any time of the school year subject to our admissions process.

We accept students regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion. The aim of Future International Academy throughout our admissions process is to evaluate whether your child, as a prospective student, will benefit from the full range of our program and can positively contribute to the life of our school. Families of students admitted to Future International Academy are expected to understand the school’s mission, learning philosophy, curriculum, and the values that support the school community.

Application for admission should be accompanied by previous school records, and any documents supporting previous educational and behavioral background. FIA requires a placement test to evaluate language, reading, science, and mathematical skills. For those children who are unable to access a place immediately, put yourself on our Waiting List for consideration at a later date. When places become available, children on the Waiting List will be offered a place based on the date they register – so the earlier the better.

Selecting the appropriate school for your child is an important decision. While you are encouraged to learn more about our school and the admissions process through our website, we also welcome you to contact the Admissions Office with questions, or to request a tour of our school.

We look forward to share with you the wide range opportunities available to your child at Future International Academy.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.: +971 3 764 6888